A-10攻擊機 戰術格鬥刀


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BUSSE COMBAT使用特殊回火生冷處理,和專利熱處理的SR-101鋼材,使得SR-101是目前用於刀具的最高性能鋼之一。

所有Scrap Yard手工刀都配備了Resiprene C手柄材料,這些手柄舒適、減震,刀柄濕潤時亦能防滑,這種特殊材不但耐高溫、耐寒,他的堅韌性和耐用性也同樣好地令人吃驚!

Scrap Yard的手工刀具有最強的龍骨刀根設計,它幾乎與握柄的長度等長!Scrap Yard不僅具有人性化的人體工程學,並提供牢固的抓握力!

Product Specification

  • 全長:33.1cm
  • 刃長:20.2cm
  • 刃厚:0.5cm
  • 柄長:13cm
  • 重量:348g
  • 產地:美國

How to Maintain Stainless Steel Knives

After use, simply wipe the knives dry to remove any moisture. Do not use a dishwasher to clean your knives. If you plan not to use the knives for an extended period, it's advisable to apply a thin layer of protective oil.

Ensure you use the knives correctly, as they are designed for specific functions such as slicing, chopping, or handling frozen foods. Avoid using them beyond their intended purpose, as this can lead to damage.