Musashinokuni Kogetsu Japanese Carbon All Steel Honyaki Gyuto



Musashinokuni Kogetsu from Goko Hamono is one of the series, and this particular grade utilizes Japanese carbon steel.

Its most notable feature is the "三諦シリーズ (総手造全鋼古法本燒包丁)," meaning "Fully Handmade Top-Quality Japanese Carbon All Steel Honyaki Gyuto."

Additionally, it features the characteristic "本刃付 (蛤刃)" (Hamaguriburedo). The blade is formed in a full tang, with double-sided bolster cladding, creating the most robust Western-style Gyuto.

Combining all these factors, the artisans at Goko Hamono have crafted practical knives known for their exceptional cutting ability, toughness, durability, and high sharpness.

A chef's knife with a blade length of 30 cm or more needs to be thin and long. Therefore, we strongly recommend using knives made of full steel. Full steel chef's knives can achieve excellent flexibility, and the blade edge can be ground to be relatively thin, providing chefs with a tool that feels comfortable to use!

The advantages of knives made of full steel, especially those treated with oil quenching, are even more pronounced. They not only achieve a good balance between flexibility and toughness but also have high sharpness!

Although carbon steel knives may rust, they are the highest quality tools specifically designed for cutting meat and steaks. The fats from the meat create a protective layer on the blade surface, making the knife less prone to rusting!

How to Maintain High Carbon Steel Knives

After use, simply wipe the knives dry. Please do not use a dishwasher to clean the knives. If you plan not to use the knives for an extended period, be sure to apply a thin layer of protective oil.

In the case of rust on the blade, you can use a rust eraser or a special 3M scrubber (only suitable for matte-finish knives). If there is minor rust on the mirror-finished parts, use rust removal paste and make sure to thoroughly remove any remaining residue with a Cleaning Naphtha to eliminate all chemical remnants from the blade.

Please use the knives for their intended purpose. Different knives are designed for slicing, chopping, or handling frozen foods. Do not use them for purposes beyond their intended use to avoid damaging the knives.

We highly recommend using EDCI's high-tech rust prevention spray to maintain your high carbon steel knives. EDCI rust prevention spray is made in the USA, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, poses no harm to the environment, and is non-flammable.

It is also a food-grade rust prevention spray, suitable for knives made of any type of steel. After spraying, it automatically forms a protective layer, and it can be used directly for cutting food without contaminating it. Users no longer need to worry about rust on their high carbon steel knives. EDCI is a game-changer for high carbon steel knife maintenance!

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