Sakai Shoryu V10 Swedish Powdered Steel Mirror Finish Honyaki Wa-Gyuto



This crafted masterpiece from Sakai Shoryu, presents a limited edition Wa-Gyuto meticulously handcrafted from V10 Swedish powdered metallurgical steel (semi-stainless steel).

The blade undergoes expert forging and is then meticulously polished to achieve an exquisite mirror finish. Embodying a minimalist aesthetic with no excessive ornamentation, this Gyuto is both rare and exceptional, known for its exceptional sharpness and hardness (HRC around 61–62).

The Gyuto, originating from Europe and introduced to Japan, is a versatile double-beveled blade. While favored by Western chefs, its symmetrical bevel makes it well-suited for various tasks in Japanese cuisine. Ideal for cutting meat, it can also be used for slicing vegetables, handling fish, and assisting in the preparation of sashimi.

For household use, a blade length of 18cm to 21cm is recommended, while 24cm is commonly suggested for Western chefs. For Japanese cuisine professionals, a length of 27cm or longer is recommended, preferably not smaller than 24cm. A Gyuto with a length exceeding 27cm can effortlessly slice through an entire piece of beef to create a perfect steak, and a 30cm Gyuto can handle large fish with ease.

Available in sizes 210mm with a silver ferrule Ebony handle, and 270mm, 300mm with an octagonal Ebony handle.

This product comes with a Magnolia wood Saya.

How to Maintain Semi-stainless Steel Knives

After use, simply wipe the knives dry, and do not use a dishwasher to clean it. If you don't plan to use the knives for an extended period, be sure to apply a thin layer of protective oil.

If you notice rust on the blade later on, you can remove it with a rust eraser. For minor rust on the mirror-finished parts, use rust removal paste. After cleaning, be sure to remove any remaining residue with a Cleaning Naphtha to eliminate all chemical remnants from the blade.

Please use the knives correctly. Different knives are designed for slicing, chopping, or handling frozen foods. Do not use them for purposes beyond their intended use to avoid damage.

We highly recommend using EDCI's high-tech rust prevention spray to maintain your semi-stainless steel knives. EDCI rust prevention spray is made in the USA, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, poses no harm to the environment, and is non-flammable.

It is also food-grade rust prevention spray, suitable for knives made of any type of steel. After spraying, it automatically forms a protective layer, and it can be used directly for cutting food without contaminating it. Users no longer need to worry about rust on semi-stainless steel knives.

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