Yoshihiro Ginsan Steel Hon-Kasumi Single-Bevel Wa-Gyuto


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Crafted from Ginsan (Silver #3 Steel) and forged using the traditional technique of dual cladding, this exceptional knife undergoes final hand-polishing to achieve the coveted Hon-Kasumi finish.

Silver 3 steel excels in hardness, sharpness, and rust resistance, boasting an HRC of approximately 60-62. Its enduring sharpness places it among the sharpest in the stainless steel family.

The "single-bevel Gyutoe" is primarily designed for Japanese culinary chefs.

Handle: Ebony wood octagonal handle
This product comes with a Magnolia wood Saya.

Product Specification

  • Blade Length (including Choil length): 215mm
  • Actual Blade Length: 200mm
  • Thickness of Back-end Spine: 3mm
  • Overall Length (Handle to Tip): 35cm
  • Blade Width: 5cm
  • Handle Length: 135mm

How to Maintain Stainless Steel Knives

After use, simply wipe the knives dry to remove any moisture. Do not use a dishwasher to clean your knives. If you plan not to use the knives for an extended period, it's advisable to apply a thin layer of protective oil.

Ensure you use the knives correctly, as they are designed for specific functions such as slicing, chopping, or handling frozen foods. Avoid using them beyond their intended purpose, as this can lead to damage.

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