Yoshihiro Silver #3 Suminagashi Yanagi with Double Grooves



Handle: Ebony wood with buffalo horn ferrule
This product comes with a Magnolia wood Saya.

Crafted by Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, the knife combines Sakai's 600 years of forging tradition with the ancient art of Damascus folding to create the high-grade "Suminagashi" series.

Ginsan Steel belongs to the family of stainless steels, known for its exceptional hardness and sharpness. It is cladded with layers of Damascus folding steel, forged with the dual-layered technique.

This Yanagiba combines outstanding cutting performance, rust resistance, and long-lasting sharpness. The rust-resistant Silver #3 Steel makes grinding relatively easy, and its good hardness allows the blade edge to be well-maintained. The knives are straightforward to maintain, enhancing efficiency for chefs!

In settings like high-end sushi restaurants where the flavors of ingredients are showcased through precise cutting, this knife truly demonstrates its value.

With its high hardness, thin edge, and delicate blade, it requires an equally meticulous approach, perfectly suited to the characteristics of premium ingredients.

Skilled chefs can deftly, quickly, and accurately control the blade's edge, ensuring effortless cutting and the preservation of ingredient fibers. Such mastery demands exceptional craftsmanship from the knife itself to complement their skills.

How to Maintain Stainless Steel Knives

After use, simply wipe the knives dry to remove any moisture. Do not use a dishwasher to clean your knives. If you plan not to use the knives for an extended period, it's advisable to apply a thin layer of protective oil.

Ensure you use the knives correctly, as they are designed for specific functions such as slicing, chopping, or handling frozen foods. Avoid using them beyond their intended purpose, as this can lead to damage.

SKU: YWYN30-SS3-1229